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Bloomfield Hills Basement Waterproofing

Tired of dealing with a wet, musty basement? Let Rid-A-Leak Bloomfield Hills Basement Waterproofing help you turn your basement into a dry, usable space. We offer a variety of basement waterproofing solutions to fit your needs and budget.

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In case your basement is struggling with moisture issues, Rid a Leak is here to help you out with decades of experience and necessary knowledge.

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Water damage is a well-known and possibly costly problem that causes decaying wood, peeling paint, mold development, and other structural issues. Rid A Leak provides foundation and basement waterproofing services in Bloomfield Hills to protect your home or company from these serious issues.

Our team of professionals is committed to reducing the harm that might result from insufficient foundation sealing and drainage. We ensure that your foundation is adequately waterproofed by utilizing our considerable expertise, high-quality products, and experienced craftsmanship. By committing your project to Rid A Leak, you will have the peace of mind that your house is safe from foundation leaks.  You can rely on us for trustworthy and competent solutions that prioritize property protection.

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Have you considered that the cost of repairing water-damaged foundations far exceeds the investment in waterproofing your basement, crawlspace, and other key areas of your residence or commercial space? Ensuring the waterproofing of your foundation is an essential step in safeguarding your Bloomfield Hills property.

The unique topography and drainage challenges in Bloomfield Hills and its neighboring regions make properties susceptible to water damage. Water infiltration can result in structural deterioration and even foundation cracking, ultimately compromising the overall stability of your structure. Don’t worry; Rid A Leak has you covered for all your residential and commercial waterproofing needs.

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We take pleasure in our streamlined, hassle-free method that provides a dry and safe basement for years to come at Rid a Leak Bloomfield Hills Basement Waterproofing.

Thorough Inspection

Our trip begins with a thorough examination of your basement. We thoroughly investigate for the core cause of moisture intrusion, leaving no stone unturned. The first step in providing effective, long-term treatments is identifying the problem.

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You can simply schedule an appointment with us after getting a quote. We know how precious your time is, so we work with you to find a time that works for you.

Professional Waterproofing

Dan, our professional waterproofing specialist, will arrive on time and precisely perform the waterproofing operation. Dan's years of experience guarantee that the job is done correctly, leaving you with a dry and secure basement.

Our Recent Work

See the latest waterproofing transformations by RID A LEAK in Bloomfield Hills. Don’t wait, secure your basement’s future now with our proven solutions!

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Is water seeping into your basement? Don’t ignore it! Contact Rid-A-Leak Bloomfield Hills Basement Waterproofing today for a free inspection and estimate. We’ll find the source of the leak and fix it quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy a dry basement all year long.


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Don’t let a damp basement ruin your home’s value and comfort.

Contact Rid A Leak Bloomfield Hills Basement today for a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote.

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